Origin & History


Holy childrens public school  which began  on 16th April 2001 is an initiative of the Ram Krishna Shikshan Sanstha and aims to provide world class education focusing on the holistic development of young learners.

Founders Mrs. Asha Singh and Mr. V. P Singh has started their journey of school with very small area around one to two room in a concrete shade with twenty students after understanding  the requirement of society , the need for quality education to children is the prior wish of each parent .The demand of parent to see their ward growing in right hands and learning in right way of education , developing moral and cultural skill along with changing education pattern.


Group of founder member met with a lot of challenges in the way of progress but it is rightly said that ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ and this is proved rightly by us. The creative and excellent work of experienced staff , supporting parent/ guardian was a supplement in the school success as without their hands together, it was hard to move further.


The right energy , group of experienced and young intellectual mind, initiated the base of establishment of school with objective to develop children by producing the  catalysts of moral, social, spiritual and intellectual transformation imbued with the spirit of selfless service to humanity.


The school is now running successfully with a vision of providing quality education and services that compliment the curriculum offered. The facilities available at school campus such as art zones, music & dance , social zones, play area and sport amenities, library, smart classes has really helped out students to go ahead in their own area of interest and become all rounder .


The schools galvanize the intellectual and creative abilities of each student and hope to equip each to excel in future academic endeavors, and to instill in each self-reliance and awareness to enable him/her to be equipped and work through life's challenges. Ultimately, schools hope to prepare students to be healthy, responsible and informed adults who will play an active role in improving and contributing positively to the world they will inherit.