The HOLY CHILDREN’S PUBLIC SCHOOL AND HOSTEL is making its whole effort to rise up the children and have a specific identity’s fast moving crew like world. Pillar that which supports the whole house and makes it strong, in the same way children are also a pillar that support the nation.


1) Parents are requested to meet the Hostel superintendent between 10.00 am to1.00 pm.& parents may meet their ward on everyday from 09:00am. To 01:00pm. There is no entry of any one after 03:00p.m. in hostel.
2) Parent may take their ward during Dushehara , Deepawali, Winter vacation, Holi holidays besides summer vacation as per the school calendar.
3) Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. latest.
4) Fees should be paid on time otherwise late fine as above will be charged.
5) The Student has to bring their Blanket, Quilt, Bed sheet ,Lock & Lunchbox, from their house.
6) Purchase All the Books, Holy Notebooks & Uniform at the Holy Enterprises Counter .

Holidays for Hosteller(2017-2018)

1 )  Summer vacation from 20th May to 18 June .
2 )  Dusshera holiday from month of October .
3 )  Deepawali Holiday from month of November.
4 )  Winter vacation from month of December.